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Virginia Uniform Trade Secrets Act Prohibits Improper Acquisition of Trade Secrets, Regardless of Subsequent Use

Misappropriation of trade secrets claims can sometimes be difficult to sustain. While evidence of the taking of a trade secret may be available, evidence of its subsequent use may not.  In Integrated Global Services, Inc. v. Michael Mayo, Case No. 3:17cv563, by decision issued on September 13, 2017, the federal court for the Eastern District of … Continue Reading

Blended Lost Profits Analysis Allowed by Virginia Supreme Court

Calculating lost profits for breach of a non-compete agreement can be a challenging task, and different courts have adopted different approaches. In Preferred Systems Solutions v. GP Consulting, Nos. 111906, 11907 (Sept. 14, 2012), the Virginia high court affirmed a verdict of $172,395 in compensatory damages in favor of Preferred Systems Solutions (“PSS”), a government … Continue Reading